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Kin Asdi is a self-confessed geek. Born in 1964, his love of all things “nerdy” began as a young boy when his father introduced him to the wacky world of bits and bytes. His passion for technology became a borderline obsession when he discovered that he had a particular flair for human interfaces. His thirst for knowledge led him to study Sonology (the science of sound) at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. It was here that he threw himself passionately into exploring a wide range of music and other creative arts that encompassed the use of sound.


About Kin Asdi

As an adult, Kin is continually pushing the boundaries and exploring new concepts. He is always tinkering around with technology and has created a wide range of light coloured objects using LED’s and electronics. Rather than following the well-trodden path, he prefers to pour time and energy into exploring new concepts and creating objects that are both abstract and unique.
He was pleasantly surprised to discover that the art of computer programming is not dissimilar to crafting and writing a novel. Both require a certain amount of discipline, and he had no difficulty creating the necessary framework that has enabled him to produce some highly imaginative works of fiction.

In addition to publishing two books in the “Adventures of Kad” series, he is also the author of Something New Every Day – The secret of the Garntuoas and has also contributed a short story to Our Day of Passing – An Anthology of Short Stories, Poems and Essays. Never afraid to write sex scenes from a male perspective, he is currently working on “Andena the Resolution,” a sequel of "Andena the reblel" a futuristic fantasy series with a feisty heroine and a strong romance at its heart.

Kin Asdi is the pen name of Victor Vergeer. He lives with his wife in a village in Drenthe, north west of the Netherlands .

Frequently Asked Questions

Oh yes, I certainly do! Actually it became the first book I published. The Adventures of KAD. Before that I did a lot of other things. I was reading Indie books, however, and I was curious to find out how easy or difficult it would be to publish a book, so I thought, “I must try that!”
I decided to write a short story based on a childhood fantasy. Just something small, a couple of thousand words, perhaps, which I could publish just to find out what you had to do. Once I started I was amazed at how easily the words flowed from my fingertips and before I knew it I was spending more and more time writing. By the time I reached the end I had a proper book of 130,000 words!

Most of the time the plot for a potential story pops into my mind as I’m on the verge of waking. If I like it, I jot it down in a few sentences and try to grasp the ‘feel’ of the story. Then I mull over for a couple of days and the raw outline of the story starts to develop. Sometimes I flesh out the plot on paper but most of the time I just start writing after I have settled on the main characters. During the periods that I can’t write I listen to what I’ve written while I am driving, making mental notes of what needs to be changed. I repeat that process until the story is ready. At the moment I’m working on five different stories at the same time. Some are just a few pages and others slowly progressing. I move between the stories which mostly happens when I’m stuck on one. It also gives you a fresh perspective when you come back to it later.

Yup, that was Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I found it the most intriguing story ever because of all the amazing things invented by Willy Wonka. I loved it and dreamt about it for a long time afterwards.

A good sci-fi story, actually any story which could not happen on this world.

Being able to express your imagination in words. And if other people like to read it too, then that’s an added bonus. :-)

Well, if I’m not writing it means I have to do some other things, like go to work (to earn some money) or do the necessary chores in and around the house. Although I do like to read a good indie book or watch a movie. Sometimes I may be inspired to start a little project to make something fun from scratch, like an object made with LEDs, or something of that nature.

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